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Sarah's Story: Recovery through Sauna

Jan 30 • Written By Matti • 3 minute read
A woman sits in a sauna. She massages her leg after injury to promote recovery.

Client Sarah has been an avid user of the saunas at Life Works since it opened. After researching the benefits, she found that regular use eased her symptoms of chronic fatigue due to prolonged disuse following a leg injury.

"Pre-accident, I was a very active and sporty person who exercised daily. Since the accident I have not been able to experience many of those benefits and this has resulted in an overall feeling of fatigue and sluggishness. I discovered online that heat therapy (sauna) can go some way to mimicking the cardio that I wasn’t able to do by elevating the heart rate and releasing lots of feel good hormones and, after trying Life Works I was thrilled to find an improved baseline of energy. As well as this, my sleep improved making me feel like a new person. I have now decided to keep sauna use a non-negotiable addition to my weekly routine."

Sauna benefits have been clinically proven to aid wellbeing. Research indicates that near and far infrared rays “prompt the body to produce heat-shock proteins, [which] offset some of the effect of oxidative stress within the body, by scavenging free radicals and supporting the body’s antioxidant levels.” (Source

So, heat therapy provokes a systemic response in the body which, in turn, forms a cascade of beneficial processes to promote overall improved health. So it’s not surprising that since opening, we have had heard many similar stories to Sarah’s from our clients. If you haven’t already, come and see how sauna use can improve your health and wellbeing.